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Are you an artist? Would you like to have your work get maximum international exposure like it deserves? Arte Accessibile can do just that.
Our platform offers you the possibility to present your artworks alongside  renowned artists such as Picasso, Chagall, Christo or Boetti by creating a prestigious showcase.
 We have assembled a quality staff to assist you with your venture. Our skilled professionals, who have vast experience in the market, will create a strategic selling plan which will then almost certainly be followed by thousands of collectors, critics, and art lovers around the world.
On top of that, we will make your own personal presentation, provide TV promotion and spread your artwork over the web. This will lead to further exposure in major Italian galleries. 
We give voice to the art ... we give voice to you! 

We are proud to announce that in 2015, Arte accessibile has reached an agreement with a notable Milan art marketing firm that will now catapult our website to another level. We now have a database of over 200,000,000 art enthusiasts all around the world. 
For more information, please see the packets related to the website or contact us for TV promotion.
One of our consultants will come to your office to develop a strategy for you.