About Us

With generations of market experience and more than 20,000 nationwide customers, Arte Accessibile now offers its great services to the international market. Artists, art collectors, and buyers will now be able to be connected while using our unique online store.
Although the number of international art buyers, collectors, and enthusiasts is growing every year by 40%, emerging artists are still finding it difficult to stand out. Due to this ever-competitive market, at Arte accessibile we provide you with a spotlight to present your work and a guaranteed audience who will observe your visuals.
Artists will have their works displayed on the same platform of greats such as Picasso, Hartung, Vasarely, Richter, Mathieu and many more. Not only do these big names attract potential buyers but also increase the exposure of lesser-known artists. 
Our team of professionals will assist the buyer with their selection of works, and then will ensure a secure and reliable transaction.
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For more information, please contact us via email! affordableartpoint@gmail.com